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Roopkund is a quintessential Himalayan trek that is a must for any mountain lover and outdoor enthusiast. It promises unreal beauty however, at an altitude of 16,500 feet to the summit it is a challenging feat.

Get ready for a wonderful 7day journey in the heart of Uttarakhand to one of the most popular treks in the world.

Tourists from across the world flock to Roopkund trail to be a part of this mystical experience.

The trek is a delight for every nature lover with trails passing through gorgeous waterfalls, serene streams and dense jungles, finally leading to the mesmerizing grasslands, the famous Ali and Bedni Bugyals. Beauty aside, Roopkund trail is a place of utter historical significance as well. The famous Roopkund Lake is known to be the home of several unidentified skeletons scattered all over it. The mystery surrounding these skeletal remains has been the main attraction of Roopkund along with its ethereal beauty.

No wonder there are so many fables and legends associated with Roopkund often enough shared and explained by locals.

It won’t be wrong to say that a trekkers’ life is incomplete without having undertaken a journey to the hauntingly beautiful Roopkund trail.

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Day 1

6:00 AM - Participants will meet a representative from Himalayan Freak at the Kathgodam Railway Station
7:00 AM - Drive to base camp – Wan Village via Lohajung (11-12 hours)
(Transport will be arranged by the company. The cost of this is extra on sharing basis)
7:00 PM - Arrival at Guest House in Wan village
  Meet and Greet with other team members and leaders
  Orientation and Expectation setting by the team leader
  Understanding of route and itinerary and trek rules
  Layout and inspection of equipments and gears
8:30 PM Dinner
10:00 PM Lights Out

Day 2

5:00 AM - Wake Up
5:30 AM - Early Breakfast
6:00 AM - 4 hours trek to Ghairoli Patal (10,000ft)
10:00 AM - Reach Ghairoli Patal
  Hot Tea followed briefing for the day’s plan by the leader
1:00 AM - Hot Lunch
2:30-3:30 PM - Short acclimatization hike
3:30-5:00 PM - Tent Pitching Lecture, Demonstration and Activity
5:00 PM - Tea and snacks
6:00 PM - Outdoor games and activities conducted by leaders
7:00 PM - Soup followed by Reflection session
8:00 PM - Dinner
9:00 PM - Sleep

Day 3

6:00 AM - Wake Up and Morning Tea
7:00 AM - Rise and Shine Session
8:00 AM - Breakfast
10:00 AM - Trek from Ghairoli Patal (10,000 ft) to Kurmtoli via Bedni Bugyal
12:00 PM - Reach Bedni Bugyal
12:30 PM - Outdoor games and activities conducted by leaders
1:30 PM - Hot Lunch
3:30 PM - Start trek to Kurmtoli 12,700 ft
5:00 PM - Reach the camp site
5:30 PM - Tea and snacks
7:00 PM - Early dinner
8:00 PM - Sleep
9:00PM - Sleep

Day 4

6:00 AM - Wake up and Morning Tea
7:00 AM - Rise and Shine session
8:00-9:00 AM - Pack Up
9:00 AM - Breakfast
10:00 AM - Kurm Toli to kalu vinayak (14,450 ft); 4 hours trek
12:00 PM - Reach Kalu Vinayak
1:00 PM - Hot lunch
3:00 PM - Trek back to campsite at kurmtoli
5:00 PM - Tea and Snacks
5:00-7:00 PM - Leisure Time
7:00 PM - Soup + Reflection session
8:00 PM - Dinner
9:00 PM - Sleep

Day 5

8:00 AM - Wake up and Morning Tea
9:00 AM - Rise and Shine session
10:00 AM - Breakfast
11:00 AM - Gairoli to Wan
1:00 PM - Lunch at neel ganga
5:00 PM - Reach WAN
5:00 -6:00 PM - Tea and Snacks
6:00 -7:00 PM - Free Time
7:00- 8:00 PM - Reflection Session
8:00 – 9:00 PM Music and Bonfire
9:00 PM - Dinner
10:00 PM - Sleep

Day 6

8:00 AM - Wake up and Morning Tea
9:00 AM - Rise and Shine
10:00 AM - Breakfast
11:00 AM - Gairoli to Wan
1:00 PM - Lunch at neel ganga
5:00 PM - Reach WAN
5:00-6:00 PM - Tea and Snacks
6:00-7:00 PM - Free Time
7:00-8:00 PM - Reflection Session
8:00–9:00 PM - Music and Bonfire
9:00 PM - Dinner
10:00 PM - Sleep

Day 7

Drive to Kathgodam from Wan

Day 1: Arrive at the base camp in Lohajung

Lohajung is about ten to eleven hours from Kathgodam. Once you arrive at Kathgodam, take a shared cab to reach Lohajung or the base camp at Wan, which is about an hour away from Lohajung. The route from Kathgodam to the base camp at Wan will mesmerise you with its beauty and serenity. Enjoy the glimpse of lush green valleys and the sight of Mount Nanda Ghunti as you continue towards Lohajung. Once you reach Lohajung, spend the night in the amazing town exploring it and learning more about its history and heritage. There are many options to spend the night, right from guests houses to lodges to home-stays to even tented accommodations. There’s a small market where-in you can find supplies like jackets, gloves, shoes, etc. however we suggest that you must carry your own equipment to ensure maximum comfort.

Day 2: Base Camp (Wan)/ Lohajung to Gairoli Patal

Altitude: 10,000 ft/ Distance: 6 km Trek

If you stayed back at Lohajung, then you’ll be required to first reach the Wan village, situated at about 8,000 feet. It is about an hour’s drive from Lohajung and the trail begins from here. From Wan, you’ll start off to reach Gairoli Patal, which is about 10,000 feet and would normally take four hours. The first fifteen minutes will be about working your way around the little houses on a cemented trail, and then you’ll be exposed to the web of lustrous Cyprus trees that have been around for centuries. From here, we continue our trek towards the ridge – Ran ka Dhar. Typically, you can reach Ran ka Dhar in about forty minutes and the view of the valley, Wan, and Lohajung from here is simply worth every penny! Proceed further towards Neel Ganga and you’ll arrive at yet another picturesque location with serene waters and soft breeze. The water and its scenic beauty here is refreshing and energizing! Trek further to reach Gairoli Patal, your final destination for the day. The trail is full of adventure and thrill, with a path full of dry leaves in the middle of the dense forest.

Day 3: Gairoli Patal to Kurmtoli via Bedni Bugyal

Altitude: 12,700 ft/ Distance: 7 km Trek

If you have been longing to get a view without some trees around you, today’s your lucky day! The trail begins with a rather steep climb into the oak forest, but after about a couple of hours into the trail and you’ll find yourself entering into a huge meadow, a large green carpet spread out as far as the eyesight can go – you will reach Bedni Bugyal. The huge green meadow offers an amazing sight which will take away all of your fatigue in a flash of a moment – clouds drifting, horses gazing – it is one of the nature’s best offerings! Enjoy a half day excursion in the green meadows, grab your lunch and rest for a while, soak in the lush green surroundings, acres of green land across all directions. Continue your trek towards Kurmtoli, which is just about half a kilometre down to Patar Nachauni. Spend the night in the camp at Kurmtoli.

Day 4: Kurmtoli to Kalu Vinayak and back

Altitude: 14,550 ft/ Distance: 7 km Trek

On the fourth day, we begin trekking towards Kalu Vinayak via a vertically steep zig zag trail. The Kalu Vinayak temple is located in the Roopkund area and you may find patches of snow every now and then; you might be even required to walk across such patches. The trek can be a little exhausting as you climb up from 12,700 ft to 14,550 ft in a stretch of about two kilometres. The climb can get a little taxing with the cold breeze and sweat mixing up. However, the sight from the temple is totally worth it! Once you reach the temple, immerse yourself into the beauty of it, small metal bells hanging, clinging, swift breeze of air flowing, a wonderful view of the valley at the bottom, lush green surroundings, and what not! On a clear day, you can actually have a clear view of the Roopkund trail, the mountain ranges – Nanda Ghunti, Trishul, Chaukhamba, and more. Take a panoramic view of the Himalayas and enjoy your packed lunch sitting in the nature’s lap that is pure & unadulterated. Head back to your camp at Kurmtoli from Kalu Vinayak post lunch.

The term Kalua Vinayak literally means The Black Ganesha. It has a black idol of Ganesha, hence the name of the temple.

A famous mythological story about brothers Ganesha and Kartik, sons of Shiva and Parvati is based on this place. It is believed that it was at this exact geographical spot where the brothers challenged each other to take a round of the universe and be back! It is said that Ganesha was witty and he simply took a round of his parents whereas the simpleton Kartik actually flew away to circle the universe on his peacock. When Kartik came back he was told by Ganesha that his parents are his universe which is why he didn’t have to go anywhere.

Day 5: Kurmtoli to Gairoli Patal via Bedni and Ali Bugyal

Distance: 10 km Trek

On the fifth day of the trekking in the beautiful Himalayas, begin your trail back to Gairoli Patal via Asia’s biggest and amazing green meadows. The total trek will be 10 kilometres and the trail will be fairly easier heading downwards as you cross Bedni and Ali Bugyal. Take a breather at Ali Bugyal while you have your packed lunch and continue your trek to finally reach Gairoli Patal. The mesmerizing meadows will you with great memories and ample of compelling reasons to come back to them again next year!

Day 6: Gairoli Patal to Wan camp site/ Lohajung

Distance: 6 km Trek

On the penultimate day of this amazing experience, you head back to your camp sit in Wan or Lohajung with a relatively easier and shorter trail of only six kilometres. Spend some time in the lustrous forests as you trek through the Oak and Rhododendron forests. Take out some time to observe the various floras around you with walnut, pear, and roses that you may find. You may even spot some of the most exquisite birds like the magpies and flycatchers.

Day 7: Wan Camp/ Lohajung to Kathgodam

The final day comes when you head back to Kathgodam from your camp site in Wan/ Lohajung. It’ll be a road trip different from the one you had while coming from Kathgodam to Lohajung. The reason is simple - you’ll be carrying back a ton of memories and an experience of a lifetime, all of which was yet to be brought to life.

Please understand that Roopkund trail is a highly commercial, successful and popular trek. Planning well in advance and booking tickets for flight and train accordingly is advisable. In Uttarakhand, the main point for reaching Roopkund is “The Kathgodam” Railway station which connects to major cities like Lucknow, Delhi, and Howrah.


From Delhi - The Ranikhet Express (5014)
Dep. Delhi at 10:40pm
Arrive at Kathgodam at 5:30am (Overnight Journey)


The Uttar Sampark Kranti (5035)
Dep. Delhi at 4:00pm
Arrive at Kathgodam at 10:40pm (6 hrs, 40min Journey)


ISBT Delhi Anand Vihar station to Kathgodam.

These frequently asked questions will be of great help to solve your own doubts and queries. Have a look!

1. Which is the best season to trek?

This depends on a lot of factors. What do you mean by best? Are you looking to seeing a lot of snow? If yes, then the summer treks around May June promise more snow. However, they are way more challenging. If you are looking to be more comfortable and enjoy scenic beauty, then you must opt for the October season. Every trek has its own beauty which varies season to season. Read up about the treks to get a better idea.

2. What will the weather be like?

Again, depends on which trek you are opting for at what time of the month and what the altitude of the place is.

Treks are mostly conducted at a time when the mountains are enjoying good weather. In extreme winters and rainfall time treks do not happen. Please check the temperature of the place on the internet before you opt for it. Prepare yourself accordingly. Nights and mornings are damn cold, and it can get really hot in the day.

Please remember that mountains are unpredictable when it comes to weather. Rainfall, snowfall is common. The course of the trek is decided according to the weather on a daily basis by trek leaders.

3. What should I pack?

Please refer to the Himalayan Freaks To-Pack List. Carry everything

4. What kind of a bag do I need?

It should be more than 60 liters. opt for a good quality branded rucksack that is durable and comfortable.

5. How many trek leaders will be there?

This depends on the number of participants. We ensure a healthy ratio of leaders and clients for your adequate care.

6. Should I carry my own food?

Yes, only dry snacks and not a lot of it because you must carry the bag to the top. Pack light.

7. How many people stay in one tent?

This depends on the size of the tent. We carry four men tents that are comfortable and spacious for four people

8. What kind of food will we get in the mountains? Will we cook our own food?

No. A dedicated kitchen team will trek along with you. The food is fantastic

9. Do I need any documents ?

Refer to the terms and conditions page

10. I don’t have prior trekking experience. What should I do?

You must definitely trek because everyone has a first time. But make sure to pick a moderately easy trek if it is your first time. Prepare physically

11. I am not physically very fit. Can I go?

Physical fitness is a must for treks. For a fun and enjoyable experience train yourself before signing up for a trek. We expect a recent medical certificate from an authorized MBBS doctor proving that you are fit for high altitude trekking. You can download the medical form from the website

If you suffer from severe muscular, chest, heart, asthmatic, or bronchial disorders, or have high blood pressure you are advised against coming on HF trekking trips that go to altitude.

12. Will I get my money back in case I cancel it last moment?

Refer to our cancellation and refund policy page

13. What is the age limit?

14 to 70 (Minors have to be accompanied by parent/guardian)

14. Are there toilets there?

In the mountains, toilet tents are pitched which basically means that you do your business in pits dug in the ground. Sometimes, depending on the situation one might have to go in the open. This is part of the mountain life

15. Do we carry our own tent and sleeping bags?

No these are carried by porters and provided by us. If you wish to get your own sleeping bag you can.

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