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Trekking in the Himalayas is not just a physical or recreational activity but rather a spiritual journey that brings you close to nature and helps you unwind and relax. Trekking through breath taking landscapes, camping at high altitude and sleeping under a clear lit sky of billions of stars is a dream of many.

The mystical trek of Gaumukh Tapovan is the perfect opportunity for you to witness the magic of mountains and realise this dream of yours.

The trek includes spending a day at Gangotri, one of the “chaar dhaams” of North India which translates to being one of the most prominent pilgrimage sites in the country. Flocked with several trekkers and pilgrims, the town of Gangotri buzzes with enthusiasm and fervour. The place will fill you with a different kind of positive energy.

The trek of Gaumukh Tapovan is exciting for so many reasons. It is moderately difficult so definitely easier if you have some hiking experience. It is mostly rugged and not so smooth. The terrain varies at every interval and so does the landscape!

It is enthralling to trek on the expanse of the sacred Gangotri glacier. Gaumukh or the “snout” of the glacier is the main source of the Holy Ganga. It is called Gaumukh meaning ‘a cow’s mouth’ because of its shape. The mighty Ganga begins here and is called Bhagirathi.

Further ahead, the lush green meadows of Tapovan give a surreal aesthetic charm to the trek. At Tapovan you see a close- up of the majestic Mt. Shivling and it is indeed a sight to behold. Behind it is the invincible Mt. Meru. Among some other important Himalayan peaks, you also get a panoramic view of the splendid Bhagirathi massif.

It is no wonder that the trek of Gaumukh Tapovan is a favourite amongst avid trekkers because of its historical, geographical and cultural importance, exciting trails and breath-taking beauty!

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Day 1

Dehradun to Gangotri (3100 mtr.)

6:30 AM - Meet Himalayan Freaks representative @Dehradun Railway Station
8 hrs drive (240km)
  Breakfast and Lunch En route
4:00 PM - Reach Gangotri and check in (guest house) followed by Tea and Snacks and team introduction
5:00 PM - Prep Talk by HF trek leaders
6:00 PM - Market Time
8:00 PM Dinner
9:00 PM Lights Out

Day 2

A day at Gangotri (10171 feet)

6:00 AM - Wake up and Morning Tea
6:30 AM - Morning Rise and Shine session
7:00 AM - Breakfast
8:00 AM - Explore the town of Gangotri
10:00 PM - Visit the Gangotri temple
2:00 PM - Lunch
3:00 PM - Trek preparation and brief by HF leaders
5:00 PM - Tea and Snacks
6:00 PM - Market time/Leisure
7:00 PM - Soup
8:00 PM - Dinner

Day 3

Gangotri (10171 ft) to Chirbassa (11680 ft)

5:00 AM - Wake up and Morning Tea
6:00 AM - Rise and Shine warm up session
7:00 AM - Breakfast
8:00 AM - Leave for Chirbasa (9kms, 5hrs)
1:00 PM - Reach Chirbasa and Hot lunch
3:00 PM - Tent Pitching session
4:00 PM - Acclimatisation walk
5:00 PM - Evening Tea and Snacks
6:00 PM - Leisure and photography time
7:00 PM - Soup and Reflection time
8:00 PM - Dinner
9:00 PM - Back to tents

Day 4

Chirbassa (11680 ft) to Bhojwasa (12435 ft)

5:00 AM - Wake up and Morning Tea
6:00 AM - Morning Rise and Shine session
7:00 AM - Breakfast
8:00 AM - Leave for Bhojwasa (5kms, 3 hrs)
11:00 AM - Reach campsite and pitch tents
1:00 PM - Lunch
3:00 PM - Acclimatization walk
5:00 PM - Evening snacks and Tea
6:00 PM - Leisure and photography time
7:00 PM - Soup and Reflection
8:00 PM - Dinner
9:00 PM - Back to tents

Day 5

Bhojwasa (12435 ft) to Tapovan (14600 ft) Back to bhojwasa via Gaumukh (13452 ft)

5:00 AM - Wake up and Morning Tea
6:00 AM - Rise and Shine session
6:30 AM - Breakfast
7:00 AM - Trek to Gaumukh (5kms)
9:00 AM - Reach Gaumukh and rest
11:00 AM - Packed lunch on the way and trek to Tapovan (4kms)
2:00 PM - Reach Tapovan
3:00 PM - Trek back to Bhojwasa campsite via Guamukh
5:00 PM - Tea and Snacks
6:00 PM - Fun Games with leaders
7:00 PM Soup
8:00 PM - Dinner
9:00 PM Back to tents

Day 6

Bhojwasa (12435 ft) to Gangotri (10171 ft)

6:00 AM - Wake up and Morning Tea
7:00 AM - Rise and Shine session
8:00 AM - Breakfast
9:00 AM - Trek downhill to Gangotri (14km,6hours)
12:00 PM - Packed Lunch on the way
2:00 PM - Reach Gangotri
4:00 PM - Evening Tea and Snacks
5:00 PM - Debrief session with trek leaders
7:00 AM - Soup and Reflection
8:00 PM - Bonfire and celebration
9:00 PM - Dinner and Lights Out

Day 7

Gangotri to Dehradun

6:00 AM - Wake up and Morning Tea
7:00 AM - Leave for Dehradun
4:00 PM - Reach Dehradun

Dehradun to Gangotri (10,171 feet.)

6:30 am- Meet Himalayan Freaks representative @Dehradun Railway Station

(8 hrs drive (240 km)

This road trip will take you through some of holiest cities of the northern India like Rishikesh, Hardwar, Uttarkashi and finally to your destination Gangotri.
Apart from these you will be crossing the famous picturesque towns of Mussorie, Dhanaulti and Chamba as well.

The main highlight of this journey will be the beautiful town of Harshil also known as the Kashmir of Uttarakhand. The landscapes and vegetation of Harshil truly resemble that of Himachal and Kahsmir. It is famous for its apple orchards. Harshil is the perfect phot spot to begin your exciting journey to the mountains.

Breakfast and Lunch En route.

4:00 pm- The drive from Harshil to Gagotri is mesmerising. The temperature will drop low suddenly but your spirits will be high as you enjoy the heavenly sight of coniferous trees and massive mountain peaks. You will reach Gangotri by evening and will simply fall in love with the positive vibes of this sacred site. The market will be crowded will trekkers and pilgrims running their errands and chit chatting.

You will check in to Himalayan Freaks Guest House followed by Tea and Snacks and Team Introduction

You will meet the rest of the team members joining you for the trek. Here we will have a round of introduction with the Himalayan Freaks trek leaders, managers, guides and the kitchen staff so that the entire team is familiar with each other and their respective roles before the trek begins

5:30pm- Prep Talk by HF trek leaders

This will be more like an introduction to the place, the trek in general and a brief about the following day. You can ask the leaders and guides to share with you the interesting myths and stories associated with the holy town of Gangotri and Uttarakhand.

6:00pm- Market/Leisure

You can either explore the market or take rest depending on your preference as you have an entire day to spend in Gangotri. This is a good opportunity to interact will fellow trekkers, tourists and pilgrims.

8:00pm – Dinner
9:00pm – Lights Out

Day 2- A day at Gangotri (10171 feet)

6:00 am – Wake up and Morning Rise and Shine session

Rise and Shine session basically is a combination of warm up, energisers, team building and fun games that will be conducted by the HF leaders. It is created and conducted keeping in mind the importance of exercising and physical workout before starting a trek and acclimatising participants with the climate of the mountains. It also works as a great ice breaker and helps participants relax and come out of their comfort zone both physically and mentally.

7:00am- Breakfast

8:00am- Exploring Gangotri and acclimatisation

This day is mainly dedicated to not only exploring the mystical land of Gangotri but also acclimatising the participants to higher altitude and a new environment.

Gangotri is one place that needs an entire day to be explored and enjoyed. A small hill town surrounded by gigantic mountains, next to the voluminous river is nothing less than a magical sight!
The colourful and buzzing market full of religious trinkets, warm clothing, jewellery as well as trekking essentials is a beautiful and surprising contrast.

You will come across several trekkers, hermits, tourists and backpackers exploring the place and relishing local cuisine in small eateries.

10:00am- Visit to Gangotri temple

This temple is flocked with pilgrims and tourists, especially at the time of the “Arti”. One of the oldest and the most important temples of the country, the Gangotri temple was built in the 18th century. It is not exactly humungous but the sacred vibes it gives out is huge. You will spot people filling the holy water of Ganga or ‘Ganga Jal’ right below the temple where the river flows in all its glory.

Apart from the main temple, our leaders will also take you to other lesser known tourist attractions of Gangotri like the Pandav Gufa or the Bhagirath Shila.

The legend of the Pandava Gufa- As per the Indian epic Mahabharata, the Pandavas (five Pandav brothers) along with their wife Draupadi were exiled in the Himalayas. This is one of the reasons why several treks and distant locations in Himalayas are riddled with mythological stories related with the Mahabharata. This cave is believed to be the spot where they rested for a while hiding from their enemies. Even today thousands of tourists and pilgrims flock here to catch a glimpse of this legendary cave.

Bhagirath Shila- In another Indian legend that revolves around the great Himalayas, King Bhagirath prayed to Lord Shiva, demanding the salvation of his sixty thousand sons. Lord Shiva had then asked the Holy Ganga to release its sacred water in the form of several tributaries to purge the sins of his sons thus giving them Moksha or ‘ultimate freedom’. The rock where King Bhagirath worshipped is one such sacred site situated in Gangotri

2:00pm- Lunch

4:00pm- Short acclimatisation walk

To acclimatise means to physically and mentally get used to the surroundings, climate, temperature as well as atmosphere of a new environment. It is mandatory at HF to undertake a short acclimatization trek with the leaders upon reaching a new altitude every day. You will also get familiar with the flora and fauna of the place. You will be given time to rest later.

5:00pm- Tea and Snacks

6:00pm- Trek preparation and brief by HF leaders

This will be your first introductory lesson of Mountain Manners and Customs so you know how to conduct yourself for the rest of the trek. The session will include

    • Mountain Hazards and Do’s and Don’ts
    • Mountain Customs
    • Leave No Trace Principles

5:00pm- Tea and Snacks
6:00pm- Market time/Leisure
7:00pm- Soup
9:00pm- Dinner and Lights out

Day 3- Gangotri (10171 ft) to Chirbassa (11680 ft)

5:00 am- Wake up and Morning Tea
6:00 am – Rise and Shine Warm up session
7:00am- Breakfast
8:00 am- Leave for Chirbasa (9kms, 5hrs)

Before the challenges of a rugged terrain of glacier and high altitude begin, this will be your time to enjoy a rather easy and scenic hike. This will be mostly a hike inside the Gangotri National Park that will be the ideal trek comprising of waterfalls, streams and cutting through dense forest. The impressive Sudarshan Parbat will be adjacent to you below which the glorious Bhagirathi flows in all its splendour.

As you reach the campsite you will be delighted to spot the formidable Bhagirathi Massif along with Manda Peak and Brighu Parbat.

1:00pm- Reach Chirbasa and Hot lunch
3:00pm- Tent Pitching session

This will be your first and most important lesson on the trek as the tent is your “home” in outdoors. Listen to the instructions carefully and watch as our expert trek leaders give you a demonstration of pitching the perfect tent in the mountains for the perfect experience.

4:00pm- Acclimatisation walk
5:00pm- Evening Tea and Snacks
6:00pm- Leisure and photography time
7:00pm- Soup and Reflection time
8:00pm- Dinner
9:00pm- Back to tents

Day 4- Chirbassa (11680 ft) to Bhojwasa (12435 ft)

5:00 am- Wake up and Morning Tea
6:00 am- Morning Rise and Shine session
7:00 am- Breakfast
8:00 am- Leave for Bhojwasa (5kms, 3 hrs)

This trek roughly lasts 3 hours and is not very difficult. The vegetation and surroundings will change, and more snow peaks will get visible as you approach your second camping site. The Bhagirathi sister- peaks look splendid as the snow on them glistens.

11:00am- Reach campsite and pitch tents

Bhojwasa is a gorgeous campsite and you will feel lucky once you step foot there. Along your way and in Bhojwasa you will come across several Bhoj Patra trees also known as the Birch trees. The birch trees hold great significance in Hindu mythology as it is believed that its sacred and strong leaves were used to write epics like the ‘Ramayana’.

The highlight however, of the Bhojwasa campsite is the stunning view of Mt. Shivling that almost wraps the surroundings. The majestic Himalayan peak looks spectacular and awe inspiring and seems to be at stone throw distance! This is one of the best parts of the entire trek. You will not be able to get enough of this outlandish view.

1:00 pm - Lunch
3:00pm- Acclimatization walk up till Gaumukh

Since trekking on glaciers can be tricky our team will do a thorough acclimatisation of participants before the actual trek. This will help you understand the trail and adjust to the altitude better.

5:00pm- Evening snacks and Tea
6:00pm- Leisure and photography time
7:00pm- Soup and Reflection
8:00pm- Dinner
9:00pm- Back to tents

Day 5- Bhojwasa (12435 ft) to Tapovan (14600 ft) Back to bhojwasa via Gaumukh (13452 ft)

5:00 am- Wake up and Morning Tea
6:00 am- Rise and Shine session
6:30 am- Breakfast
7:00-am-Trek to Gaumukh (5kms)

The real trek starts today as you will proceed to Gaumukh, the end of the Gangotri glacier. Walking on glacier is a different ball game altogether. The trek with big boulders, moraines mixed with scree will be challenging but exciting.

9:00am- Reach Gaumukh and rest
11:00am-Packed lunch on the way and trek to Tapovan (4kms)
2:00pm- Reach Tapovan

One of the best part about mountains is that reward you with the most amazing views after a gruelling and steep climb. So, after a rather strenuous climb you will finally earn your reward in the form of the most beautiful meadow you have possibly seen i.e. your summit point Tapovan.

It is almost hard to fathom that such a rocky and rugged terrain full of boulders will open out to vast pastures of green. But lo and behold! This is the reality of mountains. Tapovan especially has its own charm. One of the most interesting things one comes across here are the ‘Yogis’ or ‘Sadhus’ practising meditation in search of enlightenment and truth.

The Shivling Parvat will look even more magnificent upon reaching here. Another highlight would be the world-famous Mt. Meru that can be spotted towering over Mt. Shivling. This is truly an experience of a lifetime! Take your time to admire nature and get lost in its splendour.

3:00pm- Trek back to Bhojwasa campsite via Guamukh

After a successful summit, probably the only challenge left remains the task of descending. Please not that descending in the mountains looks easier but it also needs guidance and requires being careful. Do not be overconfident, stick with the group, walk in a trail behind the leader and do not take risky routes or short cuts.

5:00pm- Tea and Snacks
6:00pm- Fun Games with leaders
7:00pm- Soup
8:00pm- Dinner
9:00pm- Back to tents

Day 6- Bhojwasa (12435 ft) to Gangotri (10171 ft)

6:00am- Wake up and Morning Tea
7:00am- Rise and Shine session
8:00am- Breakfast
9:00am- Trek downhill to Gangotri (14km,6hours)
12:00pm- Packed Lunch on the way
2:00pm- Reach Gangotri
4:00pm- Evening Tea and Snacks
5:00pm- Debrief session with trek leaders

The final debrief session with the leaders will be basically an interactive session where you can share your overall experience, highlights, lows and highs and feedback with the trainers. This will be followed by count and return of company equipment in case it was used and a final medical health check of all participants.

7:00pm- Soup and Reflection
9:00pm- Dinner and Lights Out

Day 7: Gangotri to Dehradun

6:00 am- Wake Up
7:00 am- Leave for Dehradun (240 km drive,8 hours)
Breakfast and Lunch En Route
6:00pm- Reach Dehradun

Dehradun is well connected with all major cities across the country, via road, rail and airlines.

These frequently asked questions will be of great help to solve your own doubts and queries. Have a look!

1. Which is the best season to trek?

This depends on a lot of factors. What do you mean by best? Are you looking to seeing a lot of snow? If yes, then the summer treks around May June promise more snow. However, they are way more challenging. If you are looking to be more comfortable and enjoy scenic beauty, then you must opt for the October season. Every trek has its own beauty which varies season to season. Read up about the treks to get a better idea.

2. What will the weather be like?

Again, depends on which trek you are opting for at what time of the month and what the altitude of the place is.

Treks are mostly conducted at a time when the mountains are enjoying good weather. In extreme winters and rainfall time treks do not happen. Please check the temperature of the place on the internet before you opt for it. Prepare yourself accordingly. Nights and mornings are damn cold, and it can get really hot in the day.

Please remember that mountains are unpredictable when it comes to weather. Rainfall, snowfall is common. The course of the trek is decided according to the weather on a daily basis by trek leaders.

3. What should I pack?

Please refer to the Himalayan Freaks To-Pack List. Carry everything

4. What kind of a bag do I need?

It should be more than 60 liters. opt for a good quality branded rucksack that is durable and comfortable.

5. How many trek leaders will be there?

This depends on the number of participants. We ensure a healthy ratio of leaders and clients for your adequate care.

6. Should I carry my own food?

Yes, only dry snacks and not a lot of it because you must carry the bag to the top. Pack light.

7. How many people stay in one tent?

This depends on the size of the tent. We carry four men tents that are comfortable and spacious for four people

8. What kind of food will we get in the mountains? Will we cook our own food?

No. A dedicated kitchen team will trek along with you. The food is fantastic

9. Do I need any documents ?

Refer to the terms and conditions page

10. I don’t have prior trekking experience. What should I do?

You must definitely trek because everyone has a first time. But make sure to pick a moderately easy trek if it is your first time. Prepare physically

11. I am not physically very fit. Can I go?

Physical fitness is a must for treks. For a fun and enjoyable experience train yourself before signing up for a trek. We expect a recent medical certificate from an authorized MBBS doctor proving that you are fit for high altitude trekking. You can download the medical form from the website

If you suffer from severe muscular, chest, heart, asthmatic, or bronchial disorders, or have high blood pressure you are advised against coming on HF trekking trips that go to altitude.

12. Will I get my money back in case I cancel it last moment?

Refer to our cancellation and refund policy page

13. What is the age limit?

14 to 70 (Minors have to be accompanied by parent/guardian)

14. Are there toilets there?

In the mountains, toilet tents are pitched which basically means that you do your business in pits dug in the ground. Sometimes, depending on the situation one might have to go in the open. This is part of the mountain life

15. Do we carry our own tent and sleeping bags?

No these are carried by porters and provided by us. If you wish to get your own sleeping bag you can.

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