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DAYARA BUGYAL TREK: Beginners’ Delight

Get ready to be smitten by the sheer magical beauty of the Bugyals i.e. the wondrous meadows of Uttarakhand. Meadows are vast stretches of high-altitude grasslands in the mountains that usually start around 3000m altitude.

The Garhwal region of Uttarakhand is especially known for the vast Bugyals that are known to give it a European landscape, look and feel. Most bugyals have been compared to Switzerland by tourists and adventurers because of their greenery and scenic value. One of these famous bugyals of Uttrakhand is the Dayara Bugyal, about 50 kms from the district of Uttarkashi.

In winter, the lush green stretch of the meadows turns into a beautiful white carpet of fresh snow. Likewise, in summer and autumn the grasslands get covered by beautiful wildflowers. To tread and camp on this stretch is a delight indeed! The stunning landscape and the view of massive Himalayan peaks like Srikantha, Draupadi ka Danda and Jaun Li make Dayara Bugyal a dream destination for every nature lover.

This trek is especially recommended for first timers as its moderately easy, fairly doable yet diverse in terrain and rich in terms of learning and experience.

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Day 1


6:30 AM - Board Himalayan Freaks vehicle from Dehradun
Drive to Raithal (220 kms)
Breakfast enroute
2:00 PM - Arrive @Raithal and Lunch
3:00 -5:00 PM - Leisure and Market time
6:00 PM - Tea and meet and greet the HF instructors
7:00 PM - Soup and trek orientation with Instructors
8:00 PM Dinner
9:00 PM Overnight stay at Raithal HF guest house

Day 2

RAITHAL TO GUI (9,500 feet) 5hrs

6:30 AM - Wake up and Morning Tea with cookies
7:00 AM - Rise and Shine Warm session
7:30AM - Breakfast
9:00 AM - Depart for trek
1:00 PM - Arrival and short acclimatization hike
2:00 PM - Hot Lunch
3:00 PM - Tent Pitching session with Instructors
4:00 PM - Pitching of own tents by team
5:00 PM - Tea and Snacks
6:00 PM - Photography and Leisure Time
7:00 PM - Soup and Reflection Session with Team
8:00 PM Dinner and back to tents
Overnight stay at camp

Day 3

GUI TO BARNALA (9,900 feet) 3-4 hrs.

6:30 AM - Wake up and Morning Tea and cookies
7:00 AM - Rise and Shine warm up session
8:00 AM - Breakfast
9:00 AM - Mountain Terminology and Mountain Etiquettes session by instructors
11:00 AM - Depart for base camp
2:00 PM - Arrival and short acclimatization trek
2:30 PM - Hot Lunch followed by Tent Pitching and Leisure Time
4:00 PM - Know the Himalayas session with instructors followed by Spotting and Identifying peaks
5:00 PM - Tea and Snacks
6:00 PM - Leisure Time and Games
7:00 PM - Hot Soup and Reflection session
8:00 PM - Dinner and back to tents
  Overnight stay at camp

Day 4

BARNALA TO DAYARA TOP AND BACK (12,100 feet 7 hrs.)

6:00 AM - Wake up and Morning Tea and cookies
6:30 AM - Early Breakfast and depart for summit
9:00 AM - Reach Dayara Top and spend some time
01:00 PM - Back to Barnala for Lunch
2:00 -5:00 PM - Leisure Time
5:00 PM - Hot tea and snacks
6:00 PM - Tent Pitching and Leisure
7:00 PM - Soup and Reflection Session
8:00 PM - Dinner and back to tents
  Overnight stay in tents

Day 5

BARNALA TO BARSU (7,400 feet)

6:00 AM - Wake up and Morning Tea and cookies
7:00 AM - Rise and Shine Warm up session
8:00 AM - Breakfast and leave for Barsu
1:00 PM - Arrival at Sankri HF guest house followed by Hot Lunch
2:00-5:00 PM - Rest and unpack
5:00 PM - Evening Tea and snacks
6:00 PM - Equipment and health check with instructors
7:00 PM - Soup followed by Bonfire and final reflection session
8:00 PM - Music and Dance
9:00 PM - Dinner
10:00 PM Lights Out

Day 6


6:00 AM - Wake up
6:30 AM - Early breakfast
7:00 AM - Board vehicle for Dehradun
5:00 PM - Reach Dehradun

The trek to Dayara Bugyal is a once on a lifetime opportunity that should not be missed. It is called every trekkers delight for the simple reason that at a very reasonable altitude it promises stunning landscape and an enthralling trekking experience.

It is not a very difficult trek and is really easy to successfully complete with simple guidance. The fabulous camping spots make it a must in every nature lovers bucket list. The base camp village of the trek is a small town called Raithal, very close to Uttarkashi.

Read below our carefully designed detailed itinerary that will give you an overview of the trek and will race your heart and compel you to sign up for this exotic experience!

Day 1


6:30 AM – First Meet and Greet @assembling point
The staff of Himalayan Freaks will meet you at assembling point, Clock Tower, Dehradun. Team is requested to be there on time. The team will then board the vehicle (Tata Sumo) and depart for Raithal

Breakfast and Lunch en route.

5:00 PM- Check In, Tea and Snacks, Team Introduction and Market Time
You will start from Dehradun and after crossing several small but well known touristy towns, you will reach the peaceful village of Raithal. Situated about 40 kms from Uttarkashi, Raithal is a breathtakingly beautiful Himalayan village nestled in the snowy realms of Garhwal. It is blessed with the magnanimous Bhagirathi River and offers panoramic view of several popular Himalayan Peaks.

You will check in the Himalayan Freaks Guest House/Lodge and then meet your instructors and the rest of the team. Snacks and Tea will be followed by a short brief of next day’s program. Instructors will give you time to shop for trek essentials in the local market.
Post some leisure and shopping time, you will come back to the guest house.

7:00 PM- Soup, Preparation Time, Gear Inspection and Backpacking Session
Post hot soup, instructors will once again finally brief and prepare the team for leaving for the mountains. This will be followed by some “Dos and Don’ts” plus a check of equipment, gear and necessary items. The instructors will also teach you the right way to pack your rucksack for the mountains. Participants are requested to take all sessions very seriously.

8:00PM- Dinner and Lights Out
For an early and adventurous day ahead it is advised that everyone sleeps on time and gets ample rest.



6:30 AM - Wake up, Morning Tea and Rise and Shine Warm up session

It is a must to start your day in the mountains with a good warm up. The energizing session will also serve as an excellent ice breaker for the team to make everyone familiar and comfortable with each other.

8:00 AM- Breakfast and Departure

Post breakfast the team will start the adventurous trek to Dayara. You will cross dense jungles and will be amazed to see a lot of Alpine vegetation unlike other treks.
It is advised that the team rests only at designated rest points decided by our trek leaders, as it a gradual and challenging ascent.

1:00 PM- Acclimatization walk, lunch and tent Pitching

The view of the campsite will recharge your soul and all the tiredness will be gone! The freshness of the Himalayan air will purify your mind and body and you will be awestruck by the sheer beauty of the location.

The first thing upon reaching will be a short acclimatization hike. An acclimatization trek is a short hike that is conducted to make the participants familiar with the surroundings of a new place, the flora and fauna of it and mainly to get used to the new climate, altitude and temperature. This is why it is also advised to not rest immediately upon reaching a higher altitude.

This will be followed by hot lunch which will then be followed by the most important session of the trek – tent pitching.

Tent Pitching is a fundamental part of outdoors and every camper and trekker must know how to pitch their own tents. The theoretical lecture and demonstration will be followed by participants pitching their own tents.

Once the tents are pitched, they will be inspected by the instructors. Then, the team will be briefed about camping rules and the Leave No Trace Policy of HF.

5:00 PM – Tea and Snacks and Leisure Time
The team will be given some leisure time to relax, interact with each other, explore the camping spot and relax.

7:00 PM- Reflection Session

The last session of the day will be the Reflection Time. Reflection sessions will be conducted every day where in the evening all participants and instructors will share their thoughts and learning so far. Post dinner and after some star gazing everyone will be asked to go back in tents as being out in the wild at night is not advisable.



6:30 AM- Rise and Shine Warm Up and Breakfast

9:00 AM- Mountain Terminology Session

This class on mountain terminology is carefully placed in the schedule to familiarize participants with important mountain terms as they begin ascending to even higher altitudes and venture on more difficult terrain. It is important to know these terms not only for knowledge but also for better communication and safety.

10:00 AM Depart for Barnala

Having learnt some mountain terminology it will be time to trek to the next stop the Barnala Tal. It is a popular tarn (high altitude lake) of the Garhwal region.
Gradually you will ascend higher and into the heart of Himalayas and in no time you will be surrounded by glistening and shimmery mighty Himalayan peaks. The peak of Bandarpoooch is especially best visible from Barnala. You can also go to the Kala Nag temple and indulge in some photography around the area. As you explore the area, you might come across locals (visiting the temple) as well as the nomadic hill folks (gujjars).

2:00 PM- Lunch and Tent Pitching

4:00 PM- History of Himalayas session

The very learned and highly experienced trek leaders will share some useful and fascinating information about treks in general and the Himalayas. This will help you get a better idea of the location you are exploring and the massifs and peaks that are surrounding you.

5:00 PM- Snacks and Tea followed by Soup and Reflection

The reflection sessions become more and more interesting as the group comes out of their shell and undertakes more adventurous tasks each day. Instructors will also engage the participants in some fun team building and experiential learning games.

Before dinner, there will be a detailed briefing for the next day, i.e. the most important of the trek- the summit! Since you will be going to the maximum altitude and lowest temperature, a thorough brief and gear and equipment check will again be conducted by our trek leaders

8:00 PM- Dinner and sleep



6:00 AM- Wake up, Early Breakfast and Leave for Summit
The main objective of the trek will be not only successfully summit the Dayara top but also be back by lunch!

This is going to be a very exciting trek as gradually the ascent will become challenging and even strenuous for some. However, the captivating views of the surrounding Himalayan peaks will instill a fresh spirit in you and you will realize it’s totally worth! The most attractive feature of the Dayara top is the vastness of the green meadows encompassed by sparkling Himalayan peaks. You will be thrilled to find yourself so close to peaks you had so far just been admiring from a considerable distance!

Another highlight of the Dayara top is the lovely view of adjoining bugyal, Giddara!

2:00 PM- Hot lunch at Barnala
Hot tea and snacks will await you at the campsite where as always you will pitch your tents and then get some time to rest.

7:00 PM- Reflection and Learning
Finally as the day comes to an end your instructors and leaders will discuss the challenges you faced while summiting and the learning that happened in the process. Things you learned about yourself and the mountains. You can share your personal thoughts on fulfilling the challenging endeavor of summiting a peak!

8:00 PM- Dinner and Back to tents



6:30 AM - Wake Up, Warm Up, Breakfast and Departure for Barsu

The small settlement of Barsu will be your final destination for the day.
The route is going to be easy however make sure you are always listening to the leaders and still working and operating as a team. The last bit of the trek is always tricky as one tends to become overconfident while descending and having reached the summit successfully. However, we @HF make sure that till the end, the trek is executed in an organized and disciplined manner.

2:00 PM- Lunch and Check up
Upon reaching Barsu, you will have Lunch followed by a health check-up of the entire team by instructors.

You can connect with your family as the network is decent, unwind and unpack and submit company gears and equipment in case you had borrowed.

5:00 PM - Snacks and Tea and Rest
You can utilize the time to relax or take a stroll in the local market. You can always interact with fellow trekkers and tourists.

7:00 PM - Soup, Reflection and Bonfire
For one last time the entire team of instructors as well as participants and staff sit together and reflect upon the wonderful journey they just undertook. This will be followed by a bit of celebration to mark the victory over mountains and also of you having conquered your fears and taken up something challenging in life!

9:00 - Dinner and Lights Out



6:00 AM- Wake up and Morning Tea

6:30 AM- Early breakfast and depart for Dehradun

After bidding goodbye to your instructors, you will board the HF vehicle back to Dehradun. You will be escorted by one of our representatives.

Lunch will be en route. You will reach Dehradun around 5’o clock in the evening and can either stay overnight or take an overnight train/bus for your location.

Dehradun is well connected with all major cities across the country, via road, rail and airlines.

These frequently asked questions will be of great help to solve your own doubts and queries. Have a look!

1. Which is the best season to trek?

This depends on a lot of factors. What do you mean by best? Are you looking to seeing a lot of snow? If yes, then the summer treks around May June promise more snow. However, they are way more challenging. If you are looking to be more comfortable and enjoy scenic beauty, then you must opt for the October season. Every trek has its own beauty which varies season to season. Read up about the treks to get a better idea.

2. What will the weather be like?

Again, depends on which trek you are opting for at what time of the month and what the altitude of the place is.

Treks are mostly conducted at a time when the mountains are enjoying good weather. In extreme winters and rainfall time treks do not happen. Please check the temperature of the place on the internet before you opt for it. Prepare yourself accordingly. Nights and mornings are damn cold, and it can get really hot in the day.

Please remember that mountains are unpredictable when it comes to weather. Rainfall, snowfall is common. The course of the trek is decided according to the weather on a daily basis by trek leaders.

3. What should I pack?

Please refer to the Himalayan Freaks To-Pack List. Carry everything

4. What kind of a bag do I need?

It should be more than 60 liters. opt for a good quality branded rucksack that is durable and comfortable.

5. How many trek leaders will be there?

This depends on the number of participants. We ensure a healthy ratio of leaders and clients for your adequate care.

6. Should I carry my own food?

Yes, only dry snacks and not a lot of it because you must carry the bag to the top. Pack light.

7. How many people stay in one tent?

This depends on the size of the tent. We carry four men tents that are comfortable and spacious for four people

8. What kind of food will we get in the mountains? Will we cook our own food?

No. A dedicated kitchen team will trek along with you. The food is fantastic

9. Do I need any documents ?

Refer to the terms and conditions page

10. I don’t have prior trekking experience. What should I do?

You must definitely trek because everyone has a first time. But make sure to pick a moderately easy trek if it is your first time. Prepare physically

11. I am not physically very fit. Can I go?

Physical fitness is a must for treks. For a fun and enjoyable experience train yourself before signing up for a trek. We expect a recent medical certificate from an authorized MBBS doctor proving that you are fit for high altitude trekking. You can download the medical form from the website

If you suffer from severe muscular, chest, heart, asthmatic, or bronchial disorders, or have high blood pressure you are advised against coming on HF trekking trips that go to altitude.

12. Will I get my money back in case I cancel it last moment?

Refer to our cancellation and refund policy page

13. What is the age limit?

14 to 70 (Minors have to be accompanied by parent/guardian)

14. Are there toilets there?

In the mountains, toilet tents are pitched which basically means that you do your business in pits dug in the ground. Sometimes, depending on the situation one might have to go in the open. This is part of the mountain life

15. Do we carry our own tent and sleeping bags?

No these are carried by porters and provided by us. If you wish to get your own sleeping bag you can.

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