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Treking Introduction - Himalayan Freaks

Hi Trekkers!

We all know that mountains are not easy to stay away from and their magical charm calls all and sundry. If you are looking for a fun as well as safe trekking experience for yourself then you are at the right place. Please remember that ‘assumption’ is the root cause of all discomfort and hindrance in a smooth trekking experience. So we have compiled all the important information that you need to know before you travel with us.

Our carefully planned trek itineraries along with a dedicated team guarantees you a life changing trekking experience in the gorgeous lap of nature at the most affordable price! Does not matter if you are new to the world of trekking or are an experienced an avid trekker, we have something exciting for every kind of outdoor enthusiast.


Any outdoor activity requires a great amount of responsibility from the end of the clients as well as the organizers. Mountains especially require extra caution. Your duty as a responsible and enlightened trekker starts from the very moment you pick a trek and continues till the final completion of it. We have listed out the absolute essentials YOU have to go through and keep in mind before booking a trek with us

  • Knowing what Trekking is

  • Obviously, this is for beginners. Read up what trekking is all about. It is a physically demanding and challenging activity and cannot be treated like a picnic. However, it also is the most fulfilling and rewarding experience if done properly under proper guidance, which we at Himalayan Freaks will provide to you. Knowing about the basic requirements and thumb rules of trekking will help you prepare mentally for a trekking experience.

  • Detailed Itineraries

  • You must know what you are getting yourself into. Does not mean that you must understand the route thoroughly, but you have to have a fair idea of the geographical location and altitude that you are opting for. This is important, so you know what you are signing up for and what to look forward to on the trek.

  • Terms and conditions and policies

  • It is mandatory that all clients go through the terms and conditions page which includes information about cost and bookings, documents and certificates, to be produced etc. The clients must also go through the privacy and refund and cancellation policies of the company as they cover some extremely important points and common queries.

  • Packing essentials for a Trek

  • This list of packing essentials is a must to go through. Please remember that the smallest item if missed can cause a lot of inconvenience and result in bad experience.

  • FAQS

  • These carefully picked frequently asked questions’ list is going to solve almost any query one can have about a trek.

  • Trek Rulebook- The Do’s and Don’ts

  • This will be a list of basic trekking principles and mountain customs. Consider this your outdoor bible and abide by every rule and every outdoor law mentioned for a safe and fun trekking experience.

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