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We all need a break from our mundane lives and daily routine at some point. Sometimes it is very important to be outdoors, breathe the fresh air and just escape the monotony of life.

Science has proven that a human mind will work more efficiently and function smoothly, if given adequate rest. Rejuvenation of the mind, soul and body is important and even more so in today’s fast paced world.

Our minds are occupied with way too much and thanks to new technology and social media, we now have all the more to think about!

It is the need of the hour that every once in a while we unplug from technology and the world of cut throat competition and comparison. We all need a break and some alone and “me” time for introspection and self-analysis and what can be more beautiful than spending some amazing quality time in the lap of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life!


What is camping?

Any time spent close to nature exploring the wilderness, managing with minimal resources and basically living and sleeping in temporary shelters is called camping.

The term camping has a different meaning and definition for everyone. Also the way one chooses to camp and the reasons for camping can vary.

A camp can be a solo experience that involves an overnight stay or a team event that lasts for a few days.

Over the years the style and ways of camping have changed. Pitching a tent in the outdoors for a night and cooking your own meal is also camping. At the same time booking a luxurious and comfortable camp property and spending some leisure time with friends, family and colleagues is also a camping experience.

Camps can be of various types and have different themes and agendas -like a corporate camp, a medical camp, a sports camp, school excursion camp, an outdoor education camp, bird watching camp or just camping at high altitude during expeditions or trekking.

This is all CAMPING.


Some of the biggest corporates and organizations have recently begun focusing on camping as a great rejuvenation idea for their employees and staff.

Over the years many organizations, growing startups and established companies have realized the importance of providing to the employees an opportunity to unwind, unplug, introspect, and interact. And also learn while in the outdoors amidst natural surroundings.

It helps a great deal in developing leadership skills, making them comfortable, boosting their confidence and improving the camaraderie they have with each other and the employer.

Himalayan Freaks gives you some of the most exciting and amazing camping programs in some of the most exotic and unique camping locations and properties depending upon your requests and demands.

Our programs offer a wide array of relaxing as well as adrenaline rushing activities for you to choose from.


  • Yoga– any experience in the outdoors is incomplete without the relaxation of the mind, soul and body and what can be better than learning and practicing Yoga in the outdoors. It adds to the spiritual value of the entire experience and you are bound to go back and healthier and a changed person. We have qualified and certified yoga trainers for the program.
  • Outdoor Adventure– a camping trip has to have some adventure sports. Everything from trekking and hiking to adventurous rope courses come under this category.

Basically these courses include activities that require you to push your limits both physically and mentally, challenge yourself and come out of your comfort zone.

  • Obstacle Courses– An obstacle course is a structure built via ropes and knots that you have to either climb or walk on. Depending on the height of the setup it falls under either a “high rope course” or a “low rope course”. This also determines whether safety equipment and gear is going to be required or not. Although no matter what the height of the course is, there will always be “spotters” or “helpers” while the activity is being conducted.
    All activities are executed and supervised by trained mountaineers and outdoor professionals.
  • Rock climbing and Rappelling- the most essential part of an outdoor trip is to not only enjoy the beauty of mountains but also to climb them.
    Climbing is a really challenging activity that tests one’s ability to push his or herself and try out something new. Likewise rappelling is the technique of coming down from a mountain top via a rope. These activities will instill in participants a spirit to try out something daring and conquer their fear of heights. What we focus on is not only to make participants do a daring activity but also learn the technique behind it from experts!
  • Trekking and Hiking– the beauty of trekking is to understand that nature is best explored on foot. This also gives one an insight into the surrounding area and the flora and fauna of the location of the retreat. But more than anything else it makes one appreciate nature in its purest form, while becoming one with it. One gets to test their own strength and push themselves to achieve the final goal- i.e. the summit or the top of the trekking trail.
  • Bird watching or Nature Walks– One of the most fun and exciting activities in the outdoors is a nature walk. It is different from hiking and trekking as the idea is to walk on an easier terrain and just enjoy the natural surroundings. We will have an expert naturalist who will conduct the walk and share fun facts about the birds and vegetation of the region. By the end of the session, you will have enough interesting information and facts to take back home.
  • Survival– To camp and to learn survival goes hand in hand. Most corporate retreats include the participants living in comfortable tents and cottages with attached toilets to make the entire experience relaxing.
    However upon demand the program can be improvised and jungle night out and camping and cooking your own meal can be incorporated in the program.
  • It not only gives participants a unique thrilling experience of living outdoors or in the middle of the jungle but they also learn-
    • Cooking on chulha (firewood) with minimal resources
    • Pitching and un-pitching a tent
    • Jungle survival tips and skills like making a stretcher, a natural shelter, identifying the perfect and safe camping spot etc.
  • Star Gazing and Astronomy– “why stay in a 5 star when you can stay under 5 billion stars!” This saying makes complete sense when one is in nature and the night sky looks like a well –lit ceiling of stars! It is indeed a wondrous experience to camp under stars and what makes it all the more exciting is the fact that one hardly gets to see stars in the cities these days!
    Astronomy sessions with an expert can be conducted upon request.
  • First Aid
    First aid sessions and mock evacuation and rescue drills are an essential part of outdoor learning as it stresses on the importance of safety in outdoors along with imparting knowledge.
  • Recycling and Waste Management
    It is a great feeling to give back to the Mother Earth and do our bit for it. A cleanliness drive or an initiative is an exciting opportunity for anyone to contribute to society in a meaningful way. So we organize activities like river cleaning drives and recycling workshops, which are conducted by waste management experts.
  • Village Interaction/Social Service
    Often we include in our programs a small interaction with the surrounding village people and a peek into their daily life. If interested the participants can also volunteer to do some act of social service for e.g. teaching, painting a village school, donation of books and clothes etc.
  • Reflection and Experiential Learning
    A corporate retreat is nothing without experiential learning. We believe that everything that the participants engage will also always have a learning lesson. This learning has to be figured and understood by the participants with the aid of the facilitators and trainers during the reflection sessions.

Our expert corporate trainers will help participants identify their aims and objectives in the course of the days, both in camp and in life in general. Later they will be asked about their learning and observation, what they think they have achieved or fears or insecurities they think they have conquered. This is so that the participants note the positive change in their own attitude and then learn to inculcate that in their workspace.

Through a number of experiential games, fun games, energizers and ice breakers, trainers will cover a number of important topics like

  • Team building and coordination
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Fears and Insecurities
  • Trust
  • Identifying Personal and Professional Goals
  • Identifying ones strengths and weaknesses

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